Worst Person (or is the NFL bigger than the Presidency?)

olberman_050106_01Now for equal time.  MSNBC (Must Stand for NBC) rides heavy and hard on the big-headed frame of Keith Olberman.  Now I like the guy, he’s witty and brash, maybe a little on the big side, couldn’t properly button his double-breasted suit coat on the Letterman show during a recent visit – “triple breasted is this way, sir”

However, he loused things up twice, by actual count. I sort of enjoying the Friday evening parting show called What Have We Learned with Monica Yblonsky, or whatever the hell that pert little Angora sweater-encased kitten’s name was…Novatny, I recall.  Can you spell office romance, Keith?  Is she still on MSNBC, haven’t seen her lately.

This is starting to read like a fashion show…so be it.

Keith then brought his best green double-breasted to NBC’s Sunday Night Football and started up an amusing Worst Person in the NFL. Example:  not employing a Bears kick-off runner or some Seattle soda cans…really watered down, wimpy stuff. One week NFL Worst Person’s was there, next week, gonzo. As with Rush taking on the role of racist baiting (remember Philly’s black quarterback remarks?) commentator, it was now you see it, now you don’t. Sorta, gotta think Keith caved to the NFL powers-that-be.

The very man who could spend a quarter of his show attacking a sitting president or a decrepit serious candidate for the office, week after long week, couldn’t stand up to the NFL. What does that mean about seats of power and exactly when exactly did the NFL become more important than the presidency?…and with the end of car companies as we know them, and the Toyota Car Of Tomorrow, can NASCAR be far behind?  After all, the NFL is bigger even than Rush who also got dumpstered.  Can’t wait for Obama to take on the BCS … or maybe the Indy Racing League.


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