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CBS Refuses To Learn ABCs

January 28, 2009

cbsIn a very distrubing news story in which a father murdered his wife, five children and himself, reporters from CBS’s duopoly (KCBS2 and KCAL9) went out of their way to omit the ID of a competing station (KABC7) when referring to a “TV station” that got a fax and phone call from the murderer, as if it would somehow indicate the other guys got the story first.

Hey, CBS, the story is the deaths and the desperation that led to the deaths, not your little need to compete and in doing so, omitting a fact relating to the story.  Do your job, or be like they are in Detroit’s CBS operation and get out of the reporting biz and go back to Capn Kagraroo or the happy news format you tried in the Michael Jackson days, which made your operation the town’s joke.


Rush Limbaugh Is A Socialist

January 28, 2009

Today, it happened.  Rush didn’t get a Barack-bite on his econ proposal so he put the cirtique on the prexy for referring in a positive way to the private sector as if Rush has somehow co-opted all rights to making such remarks.  It flubbered him, it did.

Rush’s big idea: give me half of the recovery $$$ and we’ll see who does the better job.  Better idea than Rush’s:  why not make a donation of your own $$$, that way you can track your contribution against Obama’s equal amount.  You can spare it…that would make it a real bet.  Otherwise, to use government funds to finance your own idea would be socialism…which makes Rush a socialist.

He can get rid of that tag by putting his own $$$ for the bet.

Avoid The Rush

January 26, 2009

192208128_6c8547aac7Apparently Rush Limbaugh has been placed on the do not listen to list…IDing himself as  “the man to which Barack Obama has told you not to listen to” – maybe because he can’t form a decent sentence, which should be his sentence …and making enough hay to nourish the Kentucky Derby for centuries to come.

Here’s what Rush said:  “We are being told we have to hope he succeeds, that we have to bend over and grab our ankles… because his father was black, because he’s the first black president, we’ve got to accept this.”

As grabbing ankles is such a big part of Rush’s vocabulary, there might be a little bit of bend over envy here because at 450 lbs unladen weight, Rush can’t reach further than his Kobe beef-enhanced gut.

CSI Or Die Ike Turner Style

January 24, 2009

Seems that the absence of William Peterson (first seen in movie “Long Gone” on HBO w/ Virginia Madsen) caused a ratings dip, which doesn’t describe the rather portly Lawrence Fishburne, a reverse shadow of the man who played Ike Turner opposite Tina’s Angela Winbush.

Which reminds me of Tina’s classy remark about Ike’s death – “Tina is aware he died.”  What a 1206106733_9090tribute to the genius who plucked her out of the Winbush – George Bush – I mean Nutbush cottonfields and put her on the world stage.

Rescue the show, Lawrence, get that Ike edge back and CSI will kill again.070410iketurner

Mistake – My Ass

January 22, 2009

971Tooday on Rush:  “if the U.S. captures Obama…I mean Osama…” quoting Major Garrett at the White House Press Briefing.  Rush takes great lengths to allege he makes no mistakes, thus this qualifies as no mistake…just another piece of crap remark…like his four word response: “I hope he fails…” which he corrected to “I hope his programs fail…”

Which is it, Rush?  Are you an idiot or a fake?  Only one answer please…

In other news, because Justice Roberts was an idiot on inauguration day, the prexy had to retake a correct oath.  Expect similary skewed Supreme Court decisions via Roberts courtesy Bush…speaking of whom…

What’s with the chocolate cake mike Bush presented to Rush…a love letter, it’s brown, so insert here, and who’s to know.

“At Last, my Rush has come along”…or is it, “At Last my Bush has come along.”

Oaf Of Office

January 21, 2009

oafIn a oafish move, Chief Justice John Roberts was trotted out (unlike Cheney who was wheeled in) to give the oath and did one historic mangle, a shivers-down-the-spine evil mangle, a mangle with an angle.  Didn’t matter, next day, Roberts was brought in for a redo, wacka doo; Obama got it right; Roberts pretty much discredited as an oath giver, swear it’s true.  Obama is now prexy; problem is Roberts is still a judge.

Goosing A Prexy Exit

January 16, 2009

crash1600Conspiracy theorists have already taken a position on the flight of geese that brought down an airliner which overshadowed the outgoing comments of the 43rd president of the U.S.

Flash back to Hurricane Ivan.  The last thing McCain needed was for Bush/Cheney to speak at the Republican Convention which would remind voters who began this whole mess to begin with and thus associate the bushman with the McCainiac campaign.  So Ivan was enlisted as an excuse to give Bush a reason to not appear…and it worked too.  Thus the McCainiacs could thank Bush’s tepid Katrina response as the leadup to Ivan.  Not to say that Ivan was invited by the Repubs to threaten at the same time as the proposed specch, but could it be, what with Palin’s insider relationship with God who sets all such agendi.

Now to the geese.  This one is more direct.  What almost made Cheney a cold blooded manslaughterer on accounta bad shooting?  Geese, that’s what.  With his goose step mentality, how far feteched is it that Cheney’s proclivity to winged targets could be transmitted to their airport flyway mates on that fateful day Bush chose to give his ta-tas.

Do You Take Rush Seriously?

January 12, 2009

Well, don’t   If you do, just remember his comment made into a break with a badly slowed down Movin On Up that is like a wind-up player losing oomph, just like Rush’s brain cells.

Here comes the comment.  “Harry Reid and Dick Durbin don’t want a black guy in the Senate.”

Where’s the evidence, Rush?  If one black guy is having a problem, Rush in his either extremely stupid or unfunny way is saying that applies to all black people  If Burris wore a blue shirt, he could as easily say they “don’t want a guy who wears a blue shirt in the Senate.”

And he knows it.  Not funny, but still it makes Rush a joke.

Border Patrol; a Modest Proposal

January 11, 2009

Sexual predators.  Prisons.  What do these problem areas have to do with the problem of illegal immigration?

Dig it.

There is no reason not to create the world’s longest (west to east) prison camp with the south perimeter being the Mexican border, the north perimeter being the U.S. desert and other lightly inhabited areas where illegals flee and often die on their way to a better life.


Were that border area filled with domestic pervs, then illegals with small children would abhor crossing through these predator-filled villages.  With enough barbed wire fencing, guard towers and the like, the camps could rim the border from city to city, town to town, to misquote This Land Is Your Land, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Baja Pacific…sing it out loud everyone…this land is made for you and me and not for molesters….at once solving illegal immigration and housing of predators for their own safety and ours too, all in one stroke, in fact, different strokes for different folks…to quote Sly, stoned or sober.

California Blue Plate Special – How Gov. Arnold Can Raise Free $$$!!!

January 11, 2009


There are many ways for those trapped in a car-crazy culture to express and distinguish themselves from the run-of-the-mill California car owner.   One is the classic blue backed, gold lettered, license plate.  Out of the blue, that kind of plate was dumped in favor of the easier-for-the-cops-to-read kind with blue lettering over a white surface.

That means that any car owner lucky enough to have a blue plate will do almost anything to keep this original, something that no amount of money can buy.  If an original blue plate is lost, stolen or wrecked, the state will replace it with a less prestigious white one, the kind everybody has.


Money can’t buy you say?  The very money the state needs?  So what’s to stop the state from issuing plates in the original blue color with a handsome surcharge?…like $100 or $200 a pop…so that owners of new cars can own the classic blue look.


The pre-50s black plates could go for more as could the 1950s yellow plates.  State, get out the blue and yellow paint and begin marketing these puppies.