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Rush Hates Joiners

March 31, 2009

In an extended diabtribe, Rush decided the smallest minority group is the individual.  Showing his contempt for those who would join to help boost environment concerns by driving fuel efficient vehicles and/or being part of a bigger movement because of social pressures, Rush’s rant ridiculed those who would join something actually bigger than a person’s own universe.

Fine.  Though the closest Rush ever came to a college campus was when he was out trying to make an Oxycontin connection, he should recall that such pressure begins in high school by kids who need to fit in, which they carry to college by hoping to get in the most prestigious univerisity (ala Geo Bush getting W. into Yale) or the best club (Bush into Skull & Bones), all of which exemplify succumbing to the social pressures Rush decries in the name of Ayn (which Rush mispronounces as Ann) Rand, the leading advocate for self-interest as a person’s greatest movtivation.


The Tyranny of Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin

March 27, 2009

libertyandtyranny3Two days past, Rush gave 20 minutes of free  (not to be redundant) commercial time to uber-rightest (“one of my best friends”) Mark Levin about his “manifesto” – a defense of conservatism – though in the book, Levin concedes there is no universal consensus what conservatism is.

Put simply, the government ran fine and dandy until the evil FDR came along and packed the Supreme Court.  Then government went to hell via a 9 vote majority, developing expanding “statism” – Levin’s new and unfortunate way of describing liberalism, which I imagine he doesn’t want confused with liberty,  same root, half of his title.  It’s a problem he solved clumsily at best.

In Levin’s world, does that mean  the word state will have to be changed into mini-federal unit or some such to avoid  the Levin liberal stain?  States rights will become liberal rights?  Do you have that right, Levin?

In essence, Levin tries to redefine the debate to suit his assumptions and in doing so, changes premises, creating the same scenario he charges FDR did to the federal govt.

The bigger question is how does one become Rush’s good friend to qualify for the 20-minute commercial?  Book is #1 on the Amazon best seller, but the posted excerpt didn’t impress.  Neither did the one star comments – his opponents did not review the book, but Levin himself.  I don’t care if the author isn’t a nice man – don’t review his dearth of cuddle-bility – review the book, then get back to me.

He has some sort of weird deal with KABC Radio in L.A. , heard at 8:31 a.m.  Is that a real show or an informercial he buys from Citadel Bdcstng, which certainly needs the money.

Prediction:  I remember hot books of the past:  Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly have written them.  Book stores had to set aside extra space to house the overstock when hot turned cold and suckers quit buying them.  Do they still have the $1 book shop?  Look for it in disaply writ large once the anti-Obama hysteria abates.

Plus the cover photo on the book cover makes him look like he’s constipated, thus would you like that photo dominate your book collection for a long period of time without him taking a dump?

Overseas Contingency Operation

March 24, 2009

rachel-maddowJust heard on Rachel’s MSNBC show that Bush’s War On Terror (aka the Long War) has been renamed by the Obama administration.  It will forever be referred to as the Overseas Contingency Operation – until somebody changes it of course.  The acronym OCO is strategically wise, making it unlikely to become a Long War, as that would require a new acronym, namely LOCO, which we would have to be crazy to wage.

Kiss My Fat Ass

March 23, 2009

meghan-mccainWas the quote from Meghan McCain on CNN’s Larry King – to which she added – “putting an end to it…”

Fitting description, no matter how fat.  Still fits.  Which Laura Ingraham had over it.  Fits, that is.

Tom Leykis and the Masticating Thespians

March 19, 2009

tom-leykis-1172Never cared for Tom Leykis, tho we have mutual friends and political agendi.

Not because of his 87 documented divorces, his overall hugeness or his “show me your racks” drivel (he ain’t looking at too many tits these days) weighing him down.  Anything that pisses off Gloria Allred is ducky with me.  I think I learned to despise him when I realized he despised his listeners.

Was he on KFI when he asked callers to react to the following…”yesterday in Hollywood, I passed by an outdoor restaurant where I saw two thespians masticating.  What would you have done if you had seen that?”

It worked.  Callers reacted according to plan, which proved…

1. Leykis believes his callers are fools.

2. Leykis is in love with his vocabulary and his ability to turn his callers into fools.

I post this because the name Tom Leykis draws more traffic than Rush and Obama combined, a scary thought unto itself.

Rush Attacks Leno

March 18, 2009

About an upcoming Jay Leno concert for the unemployed scheduled for Auburn Michigan, Rush gratuitously attributed his motives as such:   “I care about you so much, you can come in for nothing to hear me tell jokes.  It’s like liberalism, at the end of the day, does it do anything.”

In ruing the snatching of show tix from EBay, Rush described the sale of these tickets as “the only thing that puts food on people’s tables…the only thing that really helped people, he stopped.”

In selling these tickets, “everybody wins, they get to see him.  He’s throwing cold water on it by telling the market it cannot function as a free market.”

Rush.  It’s called free market piracy.  jay_leno_narrowweb__300x4512Same goes for pirated CDs, DVDs, Gucci, Nike and all the other proprietary stuff with the license holders throwing cold water on these free markets also.

As a tag, Rush said he’d do his next show free to listeners.  “I’ll still get paid, of course, but it will be free to you.”  The only true free to the listener is eliminating the commercials, the real cost to the listeners

Rush Quote of the Day: Standing On It

March 16, 2009

About Geitner:  “let’s stand up and give him a standing ovation.”

Did you hear Dick Cheney interviewed by John King on CNN this past weekend.  Cheney actually referred to and seemed to take seriously the offer by (“my good friend”) Rush to debate the Pfat-assresident.  Later in the show, Rush compared Charles Barkley’s fat ass to his own.  Now that’s the kind of Repub figure Obama should debate, a fat ass.

Libertarian Bullcasting

March 15, 2009

This past Thursday, noted and provocative (as well as entertaining) libertarian John Stossel cut a wide swath with help from his arch-conservative bud Palin supporter Drew Carey (complete with helicopter) making all sorts of loosely supported suggestions of what’s wrong with government.

One area he presented was the story of “Highway 91” – John, you’re out of touch, that’s what they call it in your East Coast preserve – in the West they call it the 91 or the Riverside Freeway or the Artesia Freeway, never Highway 91 – but why should you know or care?  It’s only there for you to make a point.

Stossel celebrated the wonderful private roadway running parallel to the overcrowded free lanes, citing this as an example of how private freeways are better than public ones.  What he didn’t point out was that the private freeway authority has blocked the state from improving the free part adjacent to their pay lanes, claiming improvements would violate a contract and make their private lanes less attractive – and you know whatstosselstudio? – they’re right.  It would.

So Stossel’s vaunted private freeway is resorting to government protectionism – hardly a sterling example of libertarianism.

The same night, sufferin’ Greta Van Susteren told of the highest losses to the 10 richest billionaires and that the top three – Gates of Hell, Hometown Buffet and Slim Willets (not absolutely sure those are the Gates, Buffet and Slim she mentioned) have lost a total of $68B, just a few B over the $65B Madoff made off with.  Does this prove some mystical point?  No.  Is it of interest?  Draw your own conclusions (interest – draw as in draw interest, get it?).

Oh, yeah, almost forgot…Stossel also appeared on Rush’s show – replacement host – pure plug and O’Reilly’s Fox Factor.  When J.S. criticized insane marijuana laws, O’Reilly proved the fact by going insane, condemning anyone who would advocate legalizing pot.  Stossel was taken aback, slunk away.  Way to go, John!  At least you pissed off Bill O.

Rush Quote of the Day: Absent Yesterday; Gone Today

March 13, 2009

mansonWhile Rush is away acquiring his new supply of Oxycontin or such, on L.A. radio, they replayed his now-legendary CPAC speech:

“Why in the world would anyone fear the deranged?”

Ask Charles Manson, Richard Ramirez, Sirhan Sirhan or BTK, who would probably all agree.

Rush Quote of the Day: Blind Man’s Bluff

March 11, 2009

shark-mouthNew feature here at Politicx – Rush’s Quote of the Day.  Instead of enduring an entire broadcast, I’ll just pull a lame quote or two from one segment – easy enough to find – and attribute it like this:

“…the media’s blind acceptance of Barack Obama right before your eyes…”

I see.