Fake Finger Of Fate

A caller gave a fake finger of fate to the gullible face-value Rush-placement host, Mark Steyn when he told a tale of rescuing the now-famous left little finger of the old guy assaulted at a pro and anti-health care really in Thousand Oaks.  He told of finding the finger, rushing it – no pun intended – to the nearest hospital where Mr. No Finger was being treated – and supplied it to the64_finger_clubbing_01 surgeon who reattached it successfully.

Except it never happened.  The finger was brought in as Mr. No Finger was being treated and he declined its reattachment, fearing infection and it wasn’t on his dominant hand.

It was just the tip of the iceberg, as it were, as the host fell for the fake story, hook, line and finger.

Next time Steyn is on, call him with some fake story and he’ll swallow it on-air from the tip on down.


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