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Is It Iran or Iraq: Palin Hasn’t Figured It Out

November 19, 2009

Last night, I saw the entire Hannity does Palin interview on Fox News Channel.

Twice, when Sister Sarah was asked about Iran, she made references to Iraq, proving Hannity, who didn’t correct her either time, wasn’t listening and she’s either too stupid, lazy, doesn’t care or all or any of the above.

Sarah, try to remember.  Iran is Iran; Iraq is Iraq.  Different countries, though separated only by one letter, it’s an important distinction.

Good part.  Her book tour was way overshadowed this morning by the Chastity to Chaz Bono sex change tour of the morning talk shows.


Rush to Mourn

November 6, 2009


Rush Limbaugh has a chance to critique our prexy today, but first must find an Obama connection, which may be hard to pull off…

If he could, it would go something like this – “With a nation in mourning, flags at half-staff all over Texas, military bases, the Capitol and even the White House – what possible excuse do the Yankees have to celebrate in the streets of New York while the rest of the nation mourns?”

(fill in connection between Obama and the Yankees here – if it were the White Sox, it would be a gimme).