Mark As Rory

On Fox News 11 in L.A. came the news of the sudden death of an obviously well-loved sportscaster/L.A. Angels At Anaheim play-by-play guy Rory Markas, 54, as was lamented by anchor Steve Edwards, entertainment gal, Dorothy Loosely and great-looker, empty headed all purpose style-file fill-in Lauren Sanchez.

So, everyone’s down at the mouth, we miss Rory, a tragic loss, not just for baseball, but for humanity in general, not just for the Angels at Anaheim, but for the entire sport of baseball, not just to Fox TV, but for broadcasting and cable casting in general, not just for guys with hard to spell ethnic names in general…which leads us to what appeared on the screen courtesy computer generated graphics (CG) – “Rory Marcus”!!!

In less than a minute, down goes the “Marcus” – up comes the “Roary Marcus” (just kidding about that), they actually got it right the second time, “Rory Markas.” That’s what you get for putting interns on the CG, Fox!

P.S. Looking at the photo, was Rory the long lost twin of fellow Fox-er Glenn Beck?


2 Responses to “Mark As Rory”

  1. Rory Marcus Says:

    Thanks for posting this, as my name is Rory Marcus and everyone thinks I’m dead!

  2. 2010 in review « Politicx’s Blog Says:

    […] Mark As Rory January 2010 1 comment 3 […]

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