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Libertarian Bullcasting

March 15, 2009

This past Thursday, noted and provocative (as well as entertaining) libertarian John Stossel cut a wide swath with help from his arch-conservative bud Palin supporter Drew Carey (complete with helicopter) making all sorts of loosely supported suggestions of what’s wrong with government.

One area he presented was the story of “Highway 91” – John, you’re out of touch, that’s what they call it in your East Coast preserve – in the West they call it the 91 or the Riverside Freeway or the Artesia Freeway, never Highway 91 – but why should you know or care?  It’s only there for you to make a point.

Stossel celebrated the wonderful private roadway running parallel to the overcrowded free lanes, citing this as an example of how private freeways are better than public ones.  What he didn’t point out was that the private freeway authority has blocked the state from improving the free part adjacent to their pay lanes, claiming improvements would violate a contract and make their private lanes less attractive – and you know whatstosselstudio? – they’re right.  It would.

So Stossel’s vaunted private freeway is resorting to government protectionism – hardly a sterling example of libertarianism.

The same night, sufferin’ Greta Van Susteren told of the highest losses to the 10 richest billionaires and that the top three – Gates of Hell, Hometown Buffet and Slim Willets (not absolutely sure those are the Gates, Buffet and Slim she mentioned) have lost a total of $68B, just a few B over the $65B Madoff made off with.  Does this prove some mystical point?  No.  Is it of interest?  Draw your own conclusions (interest – draw as in draw interest, get it?).

Oh, yeah, almost forgot…Stossel also appeared on Rush’s show – replacement host – pure plug and O’Reilly’s Fox Factor.  When J.S. criticized insane marijuana laws, O’Reilly proved the fact by going insane, condemning anyone who would advocate legalizing pot.  Stossel was taken aback, slunk away.  Way to go, John!  At least you pissed off Bill O.


CBS Refuses To Learn ABCs

January 28, 2009

cbsIn a very distrubing news story in which a father murdered his wife, five children and himself, reporters from CBS’s duopoly (KCBS2 and KCAL9) went out of their way to omit the ID of a competing station (KABC7) when referring to a “TV station” that got a fax and phone call from the murderer, as if it would somehow indicate the other guys got the story first.

Hey, CBS, the story is the deaths and the desperation that led to the deaths, not your little need to compete and in doing so, omitting a fact relating to the story.  Do your job, or be like they are in Detroit’s CBS operation and get out of the reporting biz and go back to Capn Kagraroo or the happy news format you tried in the Michael Jackson days, which made your operation the town’s joke.