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Weekend Morons

April 13, 2009

charles_payne_ourteamThe weekend began so promisingly with two major news stories: the sea captain being held hostage by Somali pirates and the arrest of the suspected child killer in Tracy, CA.

Much like rabid Pavlov pit bulls, two of the great minds of the media chimed in with their critiques on these subjects.

On Fox News Geraldo show, Ann Coulter opined that  she noticed the president didn’t respond to enough questions on the piracy crisis to suit her.  No doubt, Obama was unaware he needed Coulter to approve of any thought he might be giving to this international dilemna.  And she wasn’t having any of it and she spoke about it in her chirpy style at length.  Let’s just hope she gave him the go-ahead to approve the rescue which was apparently performed flawlessly, which would have been impossible without the blessing of the Coulter queen.

Locally, in L.A., KFI (L.A.) financial host Charles Payne wasted a good 15 minutes criticizing to S.F. Chronicle for using what he characterized as positive terms to describe the suspect in the murder of Sandra Cantu.  According to Payne, the paper had the audacity and bad taste to describe the suspect’s hair as “brown” – to which Payne himself gratuitously added the adjective “lovely brown hair” – a description which mysteriously added on an extra compliment the Chronicle hadn’t even thought to print.  Thus Payne could use his own words as an example of what he was criticizing. Unless he leaves commentary alone, Payne might give listeners…well, a pain.