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Rush Limbaugh Is A Socialist

January 28, 2009

Today, it happened.  Rush didn’t get a Barack-bite on his econ proposal so he put the cirtique on the prexy for referring in a positive way to the private sector as if Rush has somehow co-opted all rights to making such remarks.  It flubbered him, it did.

Rush’s big idea: give me half of the recovery $$$ and we’ll see who does the better job.  Better idea than Rush’s:  why not make a donation of your own $$$, that way you can track your contribution against Obama’s equal amount.  You can spare it…that would make it a real bet.  Otherwise, to use government funds to finance your own idea would be socialism…which makes Rush a socialist.

He can get rid of that tag by putting his own $$$ for the bet.


Mistake – My Ass

January 22, 2009

971Tooday on Rush:  “if the U.S. captures Obama…I mean Osama…” quoting Major Garrett at the White House Press Briefing.  Rush takes great lengths to allege he makes no mistakes, thus this qualifies as no mistake…just another piece of crap remark…like his four word response: “I hope he fails…” which he corrected to “I hope his programs fail…”

Which is it, Rush?  Are you an idiot or a fake?  Only one answer please…

In other news, because Justice Roberts was an idiot on inauguration day, the prexy had to retake a correct oath.  Expect similary skewed Supreme Court decisions via Roberts courtesy Bush…speaking of whom…

What’s with the chocolate cake mike Bush presented to Rush…a love letter, it’s brown, so insert here, and who’s to know.

“At Last, my Rush has come along”…or is it, “At Last my Bush has come along.”

Oaf Of Office

January 21, 2009

oafIn a oafish move, Chief Justice John Roberts was trotted out (unlike Cheney who was wheeled in) to give the oath and did one historic mangle, a shivers-down-the-spine evil mangle, a mangle with an angle.  Didn’t matter, next day, Roberts was brought in for a redo, wacka doo; Obama got it right; Roberts pretty much discredited as an oath giver, swear it’s true.  Obama is now prexy; problem is Roberts is still a judge.

Sob Sister Sarah’s Latest John

January 11, 2009

Rush’s conservative saviour-apparent, Sob Sister Sarah revealed something to right wing media’s vouchsafe keeper of sexist attitudes toward professional women…no, not that kind of profession…German-born John Ziegler who is sharpening his tart tongue to convict the media from which he makes his livelihood for the dastardly election of our new president-elect.

Ziegler had been accused of sexual harassment – a case he won in court.  While a short lived host on Rush’s L.A. station, KFI,  his rants when mixed with the presence of his co-host Leah Brannon, were legend.

But one stands out, if you will, a rant he made about a female news/sportscaster on the local Fox station…the one with the non-stop frontal-facing nostrils, hardly a fox, something Ziegler should have realized when he bedded her, a bedding he bragged about at length, if you will, while both were employed at the same Ohio TV station.

If Politicx could figure out who she was after his rant about how it wasn’t good for either of them – not in a moral sense, but in a sexual sense – then any Peter, Dick or Harry could figure it out.  Not long after that rant, KFI fired him.  Wonder why.

That’s the John Ziegler I recall, making it was almost too much when I saw him interviewing Sob Sister Sarah about her own experiences, that is, her own bad campaign experiences.

Before speaking to him, did she vet this bed-and-tell John like the other John, who either did or didn’t vet her?

Speaking of Sob Sister Sarah… inasmuch as there are problems with tracking the money Paulson dumped into banks, why doesn’t she save the American economic system by offering up her own Track as a money finder, Track, Alaska-style finder with true bush experince.

Sarah, Track and either/or both Johns, we hardly knew ye.


Better Idea

January 10, 2009

cityofviennapublicworksPrexy-elexy Obama said if you have a better idea, let me know.

For public works:  the better idea is how to find the money.  Let the banks who recceived the federal bailout find the dozen most pressing infrastructure needs in their geography and fund the fixes of each and every one of these needs with money sent to them by Paulson, thus amping up employment and putting good money after bad loans for everyone’s good.

KTLA Dumps Obama

January 9, 2009

629ktla5What happenes when the KTLA Morning News carries the Obama news conference announcing the CIA appointments of Leon Panetta?  They dump out, that’s what, after the announcement is made, cutting out the comments by the appointees (ZZZZ) and a fairly lively Q&A, which among other things, covered ambassadorial appointments, more questions about the public works plan, like how much will be spent on this thing? and, last, and maybe least, the BCS playoff system and the fact his Secret Service’s son is a Fla player…wowzee!

And why did KTLA dump out?  Was it because they could present Roger Lodge and his sputtering spouters at the spitoon of spurious sportstalk?  After all, they spent about a quarter of the previous hour propping up Sam Zell & the L.A.  Times, which owns KTLA, with a feature with reporters on upcoming movies.  So about a half hour for Lodge and the Times, five minutes for Obama, who doesn’t own KTLA.

At least KCAL & KTLA spent a significant amount of time the previous night talking to people in the Inland Empire who weren’t damaged by a 4.5 quake – the biggest of 2009 – including one woman who was bereft because a picture frame over the fireplace left there by her late mother cracked – the frame, not the late mother.

Obama Speaks

December 1, 2008

35b238a5-45e8-4f0c-833b-6391f2a81880widecProving he is in fact, as his number one fan, Rush, proclaims him, “the Messiah”-elect Barack Obama named his national security staff.  It was so messianic that Rush was rushed off the air today – replaced by a long-haul truck driver radio yakker from Ft. Worth station WBAP  – something about illness.  We can only hope.

When naming AZ governor Janet Napolitano (a Ben & Jerry’s flavor of the week) as Homeland Security director, Obama boiler plated about how she’ll “defend our sprawling homeland, and unlike the current director, does not look like death warmed-over.”

Actually the warmed-over part is way too kind.  That’s why Michael Chertoff never visited a funeral home – they’d fill him full of formaldehyde.

As part of his messianic game plan, Obama rolled out the tag-team press conference…Obama introducing Hilary…and along the pecking order with Napolitano introducing Susan (“don’t call me Condoleezza”) Rice as ambassador to the U.N., introducing national security advisor (“don’t call me Jim”) James Jones (biggest hit, “Wives & Lovers” – whoops, that’s Jack Jones), who brought out the lowest on the tag-team Joe Biden, who had no one left to bring up, except his lunch.

Haven’t seen anything this novel since the death of vaudeville, though the black face couldn’t be rubbed off at the end of the presentation.