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Goosing A Prexy Exit

January 16, 2009

crash1600Conspiracy theorists have already taken a position on the flight of geese that brought down an airliner which overshadowed the outgoing comments of the 43rd president of the U.S.

Flash back to Hurricane Ivan.  The last thing McCain needed was for Bush/Cheney to speak at the Republican Convention which would remind voters who began this whole mess to begin with and thus associate the bushman with the McCainiac campaign.  So Ivan was enlisted as an excuse to give Bush a reason to not appear…and it worked too.  Thus the McCainiacs could thank Bush’s tepid Katrina response as the leadup to Ivan.  Not to say that Ivan was invited by the Repubs to threaten at the same time as the proposed specch, but could it be, what with Palin’s insider relationship with God who sets all such agendi.

Now to the geese.  This one is more direct.  What almost made Cheney a cold blooded manslaughterer on accounta bad shooting?  Geese, that’s what.  With his goose step mentality, how far feteched is it that Cheney’s proclivity to winged targets could be transmitted to their airport flyway mates on that fateful day Bush chose to give his ta-tas.


Cheney Shoots Ducks: Bush Ducks Shoes

December 14, 2008

dubarry-cruiser-deck-shoeBaghdad.  Demonstrating the fastest footwork since he pardoned Scooter Libby, W. was pelted with size 10 shoe leather from a local TV reporter.

Now, all press conference reporters will look like  the line at a TSA inspection station, shoeless.  May we recommend nude too?