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California Blue Plate Special – How Gov. Arnold Can Raise Free $$$!!!

January 11, 2009


There are many ways for those trapped in a car-crazy culture to express and distinguish themselves from the run-of-the-mill California car owner.   One is the classic blue backed, gold lettered, license plate.  Out of the blue, that kind of plate was dumped in favor of the easier-for-the-cops-to-read kind with blue lettering over a white surface.

That means that any car owner lucky enough to have a blue plate will do almost anything to keep this original, something that no amount of money can buy.  If an original blue plate is lost, stolen or wrecked, the state will replace it with a less prestigious white one, the kind everybody has.


Money can’t buy you say?  The very money the state needs?  So what’s to stop the state from issuing plates in the original blue color with a handsome surcharge?…like $100 or $200 a pop…so that owners of new cars can own the classic blue look.


The pre-50s black plates could go for more as could the 1950s yellow plates.  State, get out the blue and yellow paint and begin marketing these puppies.