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A Modest Proposal

February 11, 2009

The current worry amongst State Department and Justice Department types is the possibility narcostate_20070906_01Mexico could lapse into becoming a complete narco state, that is, a government run by and for the narcotics trade. And in that there are more murders in the northern states of Mexico than there are in Iraq and Afghanistan, with the complicity of law enforcement and political entities, that possibility is not at all remote.

Oh, woe is us if that happens, think the officials. Actually, the opposite is true, though it wouldn’t be in our interests to help hasten it in case it didn’t come into reality. Think about it.

Mexico is the producer nation, along with Afghanistan, Colombia and a few other choice areas. The U.S. is definitely the consumer state. Combine the fact that the #1 agricultural product of the highly agricultural state of California is marijuana, the economic benefits come in to clearer focus.

What we’re doing in criminalizing and punishing drug use, trade and production should be reversed. We should get over our historic need to punish and switch our orientation to encouraging and taxing this trade. Addicts will be addicts just like drunks will be drunks and smokers will be smokers (or cancer victims), despite our best prohibitionist instincts.

Drugs, prostitution and gambling will always be with us. It’s just a matter of punishment or acceptance that will determine whether it will cost us or pay us to eradicate or to tolerate them. Well, we’re starting to accept gambling, but the other two are great future sources of taxes.

And think about it once again. It would tend to empty out prisons of criminals who did their crimes for dope or traded in dope, which was criminal. With dope being sold like liquor or cigarettes, with governmental controls, their needs wouldn’t cause crime, nor would their trade. And if their drug-induced crimes resulted in imprisonment, the taxes generated by the sale of drugs would cover the costs.

Think less about punishment and more about taxing the legal drugs that would come in form the Narco State of Mexico.