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The Hillatorium – the Clinton Presidential Museum

December 7, 2008

clintonYou may have heard of her.  Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) ran for the prexy job, got overshadowed by Obama and took a pretty good consolation prize, Sec of State and now has something brand new on her agenda…the Hillary Clinton Presidential Museum, the first one to be established for a not-even nominee, much less a defeated also-ran like Al, Kerry or Barry.

The theory here is once a museum is funded, named and built, the necessary election is almost a given.  Imagine an Adlai Stevenson or Hubert Humphrey Presidential Museum without the participation of the man in the office.  Can’t be done.

Not so for Hillary.  Though never elected, she overshadowed the election.  An early front runner, she paced the race, brought in ex-prexy Bill to jargonistically set the table with some outstandingly pithy comments that pithed off  Edwards, Kucinich and Richardson, all of whom and more decided to drop out, rather than satisfy the Bill.  Edwards got caught dallying in a parking barn, Richardson grew a beard and Kucinich returned to Cleveland.

That leaves us in debt to Hillary for our current prexy-elect, which means she has become bigger than the office, thus the name…the Bigger Than The Office of Presidential Hillary Clinton Library, which should overshadow a entire block of Little Rock or even a Rocky Balboa Island.