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Border Patrol; a Modest Proposal

January 11, 2009

Sexual predators.  Prisons.  What do these problem areas have to do with the problem of illegal immigration?

Dig it.

There is no reason not to create the world’s longest (west to east) prison camp with the south perimeter being the Mexican border, the north perimeter being the U.S. desert and other lightly inhabited areas where illegals flee and often die on their way to a better life.


Were that border area filled with domestic pervs, then illegals with small children would abhor crossing through these predator-filled villages.  With enough barbed wire fencing, guard towers and the like, the camps could rim the border from city to city, town to town, to misquote This Land Is Your Land, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Baja Pacific…sing it out loud everyone…this land is made for you and me and not for molesters….at once solving illegal immigration and housing of predators for their own safety and ours too, all in one stroke, in fact, different strokes for different folks…to quote Sly, stoned or sober.