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On the Same Page

December 14, 2008

mark-foleyWhile watching the Chargers and the Chiefs wind up their 22-21 epic battle, the announcer talked about Phillip Rivers not being “on the same page” with the rest of the team.  Not only did I  see no book, I saw only players and refs, no pages  of any description on the field.

On the same page?  Sounds like a weekend at former Rep. Mark Foley’s bedroom.

Chiefs’ field goal?  no good.  Now lets see what the Steelers have for the Ravens.


Hit the Ground Running

December 3, 2008

woman_runningOh, oh.  Obama’s frequent (daily?) press conferences vs. about one per year for W, are engaging and engrossing and beginning to enter Jargonlandia, to wit:

Answering a Fox questioner, he said, “when we hit the ground running,” so I hit that same ground with this run-on sentence, because he ended it with this newest entry into the Jargon Hall Of Fame, “Wall St. to Main St.”

Step Up To the Plate Out Of the Box

December 2, 2008

Listening to the chat shows this evening, I heard jargon that almost always get ignored because they’re easy and take the place of really thoughtful analysis…

Put our arms around a problem.  If it’s a big problem, maybe we should arm ourselves and take a few shots…or call Shaq or someone with more encompassing-than-normal arms.

p6260131a_metplateStep up to the plate.  What’s all this fixation about sports metaphors…and when baseball is out of season, like now, where do we find this plate to step up to.  Maybe it should be step up to the kicking tee during football season; step up to the goal line during hockey and step up to the foul line during…oh, never mind…it would be a foul remark.

My all-time fave, think outside the box.  See plate and tank – no doubt there’s a jargon warehouse full of plates, tanks and boxes, out of which to think, I think.

In the Tank

November 29, 2008

an-empty-toilet-tankLately I’ve heard the following on cable TV…

On O’Reilly, “NBC is in the tank…”  Where is this tank, how many gallons does it hold, how often is it filled up and emptied, who fills the tank and empties it?  Or maybe it’s an army tank, in which case MSNBC should consider showing up at Fox to find out whether that cable system’s HQ is shell proof, being in the tank and all that.

On MSNBC, “we have reporters on the ground in Mubai.”  Where else would they be?  Floating around off the ground, which might make it a better experience…they could float up to a window, peer in and float away to report on it.

Politicians everywhere, “at the end of the day…”  Every day?  What time, midnight?  When it gets dark?  Why is that a better time to make a decision, since most of us are sleepy then, maybe even dozing off, after all, it’s the end of the day.