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Rush Attacks Leno

March 18, 2009

About an upcoming Jay Leno concert for the unemployed scheduled for Auburn Michigan, Rush gratuitously attributed his motives as such:   “I care about you so much, you can come in for nothing to hear me tell jokes.  It’s like liberalism, at the end of the day, does it do anything.”

In ruing the snatching of show tix from EBay, Rush described the sale of these tickets as “the only thing that puts food on people’s tables…the only thing that really helped people, he stopped.”

In selling these tickets, “everybody wins, they get to see him.  He’s throwing cold water on it by telling the market it cannot function as a free market.”

Rush.  It’s called free market piracy.  jay_leno_narrowweb__300x4512Same goes for pirated CDs, DVDs, Gucci, Nike and all the other proprietary stuff with the license holders throwing cold water on these free markets also.

As a tag, Rush said he’d do his next show free to listeners.  “I’ll still get paid, of course, but it will be free to you.”  The only true free to the listener is eliminating the commercials, the real cost to the listeners