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…and Speaking of Judge Judy

November 30, 2008

images1Remember Judge Joe Wapner, the original People’s Court judge?  Had the personality of a 60s Joe Leiberman without the senate seat, but like McCain’s puppy dog Joe, with a now-obvious political agenda – just add more whining and you’ve got the all-purpose Joe.

My gripe, just like Wapner, is old.  He single handedly torpedoed Gerrymander reform in California put up by Gov. Arnold two elections ago.  Other than a pay day, what was Wapner’s quid pro quo?   How could Judge Joe lose, him being the secret father to Judge Judy…I guess daytime TV viewers carried the day and California is still stuck with illegal Gerrymandered districts thanks to a judge being paid to parrot the claims of the illegal practicioners – the political parties.

Think of that, the next time you watch People’s Court or Judge Judy.  Maybe Maury Povich, who used to anchor the news on good ol’ channel 2 in L.A. – between stints by Jim Lampley and Bart Simpson – or  whoever that NCAA play by play guy on ABC is – Brent Musburger as well as Burt Bacharach, Bert Lahr, Dean Martin, Charles Manson, Regis Philbin, Joey Bishop, Connie Chung and Howard the Duck at one time or another were Channel 2 News anchors during the past few decades – Maury could have Judge Judy and Judge Wapner on his show, rip open his DNA folder and proclaim, “Judge Joe…you ARE the father!”