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Rush To Assumptions

April 22, 2009

rush_limbaughFavorite radio moment was on Apr. 17.  It was about five to nine a.m. on KFI, ten minutes before Rush, when the station ran a PSA – public services announcement – a sad sounding woman who was seriously injured and/or horribly mutilated in a bad boat accident and begged boat users to be more careful…bad boat…followed by the loud jarring voice…”the Boat Show” is coming.  Boat this  KFI, a Clear Channel station.  Does Clear Channel still have traffic mgrs who are supposed to keep anomalies like this from happening…or has Clear Channel cleared out that position – proving they are Cheap Channel.

Monday, watching channel 4 news at 11, generally an hour newscast…new schedule…11:30 a.m., end of news…next show?  An infomercial…can NBC be that bad off?  Can’t wait for Klee Irwin and his bowel movement show….most ubiquitous infomercial on TV…even a dubbed-in Spanish version on channel 22…upgraded wtih photos of toilets, bloated people and the like…like we need a pic of a toilet to know what they look like.

Today on the CBS Early Show, not so Harry Smith in introducing the chief competitor to Susan Boyle – have no clue in spelling his name – alleged “Who’s Loving You” was “a Michael Jackson song.” If that’s the case, he was two years old when it was first recorded by the Miracles (Smokey’s group) as the flip to their first major hit, “Shop Around” in 1960. ..recorded by the Supremes in ’61 and finally, by the Jackson Five in ’69…not a hit in any case…hardly making it a MJ song.  Sorry Harry, bad history.  Has CBS laid off their competent fact checkers?

Speaking of absence of competence…today, Rush began ranting about Earth Day and great inventors…how no product can be bad as all products are from the planet Earth, as if there is no bad on or from the planet on which we live.  He then connected Earth Day founder Ira Einhorn with a murder (Holly Maddux in a trunk) he committed and twice pointed out the Unibomber was an environmentalist, somehow making a connection between pro enviromentalism and murder…adding on an FBI most wanted terrorist who was supposedly pro-environmental, meaning all pro-environmental folks are trunk killers and bombers.

Well, those who’ve killed abortion doctors or bombed abortion clinics are anti-choice, so per Rush’s take, all anti-choice, anti-abortion activists are killers and bombers.  All people who use guns to commit murders are gun users, thus all gun users per Rush are murderers.  Thanks Rush for clearing that up.