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KTLA Morning News Almost Covers….News

January 11, 2010

Good thing the geniuses at the KTLA Morning News didn’t allow a true and live Perils Of Pauline story interfere with important featurettes like the Sports Lodge and Two Lesbians In Pasadena Bellyaching About Prop. 8 – and they had the bellies to ache, you betchum.

At about 8:15, the KTLA copter guy found a wrecked car precipitously dangling over the edge of a cliff, supported by only a tree and a 74-year-old victim trapped inside.  As the brave firefighters and rescue people worked feverishly to extract the victim and prevent the further slide of a car into a deep reservoir where the victim would certainly suffer even more…KTLA went to Sports Lodge!

They returned to the breaking news and the rescue continued with firefighters attempting to get the victim out…on live TV…and KTLA went to Lesbians!

While the victim was finally extracted, both KTLA and KTTV which had picked up the coverage about a half hour later…went to Long Commerical Breaks!  By the time all of this important stuff was concluded, the man had been extracted, but KTLA and KTTV missed showing the live…NEWS!

But we did get the uninterrupted Sports Lodge, Lesbians and Commercials…no problem, you betchum!


Leykis Bellies Up On Fat Tuesday

February 24, 2009

As if to put the viewer in the mood for Asha Blake’s announcement on the KTLA Morning News that today is Fat Tuesday, Tom Leykis appeared in black and shades as the man who ate KLSX and had a delicious dessert.

Tom entertains standing up as others sit and sips copious amounts of wine.  Umm, must be refreshing after digesting an entire radio station, transmitter and all.  Does AM go wtih red, FM with white?  Only Tom knows for sure.Tom Leykis

KTLA Morning News Crapcast

February 19, 2009

Ruing the upcoming cancellation of the KLSX talk format and the Tom Leykis local tittie talk show, Sam Rubin stated there are no  midday local talk shows on the radio.

Commercial stations, yes…but tune in 89,3 – KPCC – and you get shows with Larry Mantle and Pat Morrison from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. – sounds like midday to me – while on KTLA you get Steve Wilkos yelling at your retarded step dad for spending his paycheck on moonshine.

Not to be cnfused with the Channel 5 traffic helicopter sponsored by Mountain Dew…a leading cause of no-teeth syndrome in the hollows of Appalachia, at least according to Diane Sawyer, who hosts the competing Good Morning America on ABC.

Also KCRW does local talk with Warren Olney. Connecting it up to  L.A. talk radio in general…

About eight years ago, KFI’s John & Ken backed Sam Rubin down when the latter “guaranteed” the duo’s John Kobylt had an illegal maid and Kobylt threatened to sue.  Even more frightening  was when Kobylt’s old lady got on the phone and did a post-menstrual rant at Sam, so scary they excised it out of the replay of that hour which they used to run for reasons long since forgotten…making clear who wears the big pants in the Klan Kobylt.   Kobylt’s illegal alien housekeeper, butler and chauffeur had no comment.