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The Tyranny of Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin

March 27, 2009

libertyandtyranny3Two days past, Rush gave 20 minutes of free  (not to be redundant) commercial time to uber-rightest (“one of my best friends”) Mark Levin about his “manifesto” – a defense of conservatism – though in the book, Levin concedes there is no universal consensus what conservatism is.

Put simply, the government ran fine and dandy until the evil FDR came along and packed the Supreme Court.  Then government went to hell via a 9 vote majority, developing expanding “statism” – Levin’s new and unfortunate way of describing liberalism, which I imagine he doesn’t want confused with liberty,  same root, half of his title.  It’s a problem he solved clumsily at best.

In Levin’s world, does that mean  the word state will have to be changed into mini-federal unit or some such to avoid  the Levin liberal stain?  States rights will become liberal rights?  Do you have that right, Levin?

In essence, Levin tries to redefine the debate to suit his assumptions and in doing so, changes premises, creating the same scenario he charges FDR did to the federal govt.

The bigger question is how does one become Rush’s good friend to qualify for the 20-minute commercial?  Book is #1 on the Amazon best seller, but the posted excerpt didn’t impress.  Neither did the one star comments – his opponents did not review the book, but Levin himself.  I don’t care if the author isn’t a nice man – don’t review his dearth of cuddle-bility – review the book, then get back to me.

He has some sort of weird deal with KABC Radio in L.A. , heard at 8:31 a.m.  Is that a real show or an informercial he buys from Citadel Bdcstng, which certainly needs the money.

Prediction:  I remember hot books of the past:  Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly have written them.  Book stores had to set aside extra space to house the overstock when hot turned cold and suckers quit buying them.  Do they still have the $1 book shop?  Look for it in disaply writ large once the anti-Obama hysteria abates.

Plus the cover photo on the book cover makes him look like he’s constipated, thus would you like that photo dominate your book collection for a long period of time without him taking a dump?