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NBC = Nudity Banned Completely

March 11, 2009

today-showThis morning on the Today Show, Matt, Meredith, Ann and Al bravely entered the life painting arena by dabbing their highly impressionistic verisons of in-the-flesh male and female models placed in their presence.

Then there were some pretentious suggestions about how not to be afraid of genitalia…which makes what followed downright bizarre.

Though the results weren’t, shall we say impressive, the display was downright pathetic. Some genius at standards and practices – or was it the work of a timid producer or a prudish intern? – decided that painted depictions of titties and those hanging things and the female bushy counterpart were to be covered up just like they do under the Taliban.

Covering up parts of the human body is the NBC way to insure we won’t actually have to view art in its entirety…censorship lives, never doubt it for a second.300px-closeup_of_female_breast

Pussies and dick heads (not pictured on left).