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Boston Legal Chunks Up, ABC Swallows Real-Life Cultural Lugee

December 2, 2008

One of the few TV shows geared to an audience older than a 15 and a half year old debutante, Boston Legal is not one of my faves, even tho I’m the last known Civil War veteran (grey) on this orb…see photo.  I think it’s because of Candice Bergen…when I see her, I still see Murphy Brown and that’s not an agreeable vision.

The show attacked a real issue – that of networks programming to the taste of video game-soaked teeny boppers – a term for youth as old as the war between the states


The attack was a court case against TV for the practice and the Boston Legal attorney brought up one of the few shows aimed at real adults, itself, before managing partner John Laroquette waved it off.

This amounts to the only case of a show suing a network on-air for cancelling it, then being run by that same network in prime time before it was buried, the show, that is.