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Oprah 200

December 9, 2008

fatoprah-winfrey1I heard  it today.  While ranting against everything Chicago and Illinois-political, Rush tossed some tartar sauce on Oprah, criticizing her for a 20 lb gain, swelling her to a fully even 200, give or take a gingersnap or so.  Why mention it, carped Rush, who never does…mention it, that is.

Just don’t step into a Rush-Oprah occupied elevator without checking that little card giving the weight rating and making sure it’s over 600 lbs.  Unless you’re in Chicago, where the inspector is no doubt on the tab.

In a whiplash-inducing change of subject, Rush detailed the bad boy state politicos of the past few years, Spitzer, McGreevey – outed on moral problems, not corruption – he blithely lumped in the jailed Ill. governors – all Repubs – which he dismissed as “part of the same machine.”

And what machine is that?  The Rush gotcha machine, which manufactures Repubs into Dem-like beings once they’re caught.

It’s not what Rush sez, it’s how he sez it.