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Murder and Public Access

December 4, 2008

nunez_webIn 2007, California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, a Democrat, single handedly pushed thru a bill that resulted in the death of public access – a service that allowed common citizens to have their own TV shows on cable TV.  Now according to the L.A. Times, access producers in Los Angeles are responding with some effectiveness that just might save access, considering Councilman Bill Rosedahl got his stripes in this very industry.  In other communities, Lakewood, Downey, Los Alamitos, access has been spiked with few objections, meaning the real opportunity for local expression can be killed with no real outrage.

In a related story…

In December 2008, Estaban Nunez, son of the aforementioned speaker was accused of a stabbing, which resulted in a real death of a student in San Diego.   Nunez’s feelings were hurt because he’d been kicked out of a fraternity party.  So he was said to have pulled a knife…post-rejection.,,and caused a hurt of a different color.

Nunez, freshly out of office, was reporedly upset over the boy’s claim his old man could get him and his gangbanger friends – THC – off the hook.  He only wants Estaban off the hook, his THC friends can fry.  Whether that happens remains to be seen, however there will be no opportunity for access producers to comment on this case.