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Rush Attack

January 5, 2010

Cigar chomping, Kobe chewing, pill popping, overweight golfing Rush feels chest pains, thinks he has a heart, is rushed to the Hilo Hattie Hospital, where the medicos find nothing where the heart should be.  As a result, we can safely conclude:  There is nothing wrong with our health care system.


Rush to Mourn

November 6, 2009


Rush Limbaugh has a chance to critique our prexy today, but first must find an Obama connection, which may be hard to pull off…

If he could, it would go something like this – “With a nation in mourning, flags at half-staff all over Texas, military bases, the Capitol and even the White House – what possible excuse do the Yankees have to celebrate in the streets of New York while the rest of the nation mourns?”

(fill in connection between Obama and the Yankees here – if it were the White Sox, it would be a gimme).

Fake Finger Of Fate

September 4, 2009

A caller gave a fake finger of fate to the gullible face-value Rush-placement host, Mark Steyn when he told a tale of rescuing the now-famous left little finger of the old guy assaulted at a pro and anti-health care really in Thousand Oaks.  He told of finding the finger, rushing it – no pun intended – to the nearest hospital where Mr. No Finger was being treated – and supplied it to the64_finger_clubbing_01 surgeon who reattached it successfully.

Except it never happened.  The finger was brought in as Mr. No Finger was being treated and he declined its reattachment, fearing infection and it wasn’t on his dominant hand.

It was just the tip of the iceberg, as it were, as the host fell for the fake story, hook, line and finger.

Next time Steyn is on, call him with some fake story and he’ll swallow it on-air from the tip on down.

Rush Quote Of the Day

June 11, 2009

Wonder if this will appear in his $6 per month subscription transcript?  While diatribing against the 2,000 plus state requirements of insurance companies to pay for areas of treatment, Rush stumbled and mumbled when he came to alcohol and drug ammummmbbbll,mmbl.  Apparently his Oxycontin rehab did not include a section about forcing your mouth to say … “Drug Abuse!!!!” for that’s what Rush needs to do, loud and clear – Rush, you can say it…”Drug Abuse!!!!” Well, maybe not.

As Tony Soprano’s shrink diagnosed, “it’s not what you say that’s true, it’s what you don’t say.”

Rush’s Quote Of the Day (CLFOOP)

June 8, 2009

Just as I tuned in, Rush referenced his own rather sizeable radio audience – “cult-like followers of one personality” (or person, your choice, taxes not included) – oh wait a sec, he was referring to President Obama – my mistake, you can appreciate the confusion.

Rush’s Relativism

June 3, 2009

Interviewed by his lap dog, Fox’s Hannity, Rush Limbaugh critiqued Sotomayor for her alleged racism, something he said he’d “overlook” if she came out on his side of Roe V. Wade.

So what would be acceptable for a Roe V. Wade-certified Supreme Ct. candidate?  A belief in Communism?  A belief in the Nazi rants of Adolf Hitler? An abiding belief in UFOs?  Devil worship?  Since Rush is now an admitted relativist, what is his ultimate critereon?

Oh yeah, he tried to tie Colin Powell into rehab, something Rush must know a lot about from his first person experience.  Go Rush!  Open mouth, out comes the bile.rush_limbaugh

Rush To Assumptions

April 22, 2009

rush_limbaughFavorite radio moment was on Apr. 17.  It was about five to nine a.m. on KFI, ten minutes before Rush, when the station ran a PSA – public services announcement – a sad sounding woman who was seriously injured and/or horribly mutilated in a bad boat accident and begged boat users to be more careful…bad boat…followed by the loud jarring voice…”the Boat Show” is coming.  Boat this  KFI, a Clear Channel station.  Does Clear Channel still have traffic mgrs who are supposed to keep anomalies like this from happening…or has Clear Channel cleared out that position – proving they are Cheap Channel.

Monday, watching channel 4 news at 11, generally an hour newscast…new schedule…11:30 a.m., end of news…next show?  An infomercial…can NBC be that bad off?  Can’t wait for Klee Irwin and his bowel movement show….most ubiquitous infomercial on TV…even a dubbed-in Spanish version on channel 22…upgraded wtih photos of toilets, bloated people and the like…like we need a pic of a toilet to know what they look like.

Today on the CBS Early Show, not so Harry Smith in introducing the chief competitor to Susan Boyle – have no clue in spelling his name – alleged “Who’s Loving You” was “a Michael Jackson song.” If that’s the case, he was two years old when it was first recorded by the Miracles (Smokey’s group) as the flip to their first major hit, “Shop Around” in 1960. ..recorded by the Supremes in ’61 and finally, by the Jackson Five in ’69…not a hit in any case…hardly making it a MJ song.  Sorry Harry, bad history.  Has CBS laid off their competent fact checkers?

Speaking of absence of competence…today, Rush began ranting about Earth Day and great inventors…how no product can be bad as all products are from the planet Earth, as if there is no bad on or from the planet on which we live.  He then connected Earth Day founder Ira Einhorn with a murder (Holly Maddux in a trunk) he committed and twice pointed out the Unibomber was an environmentalist, somehow making a connection between pro enviromentalism and murder…adding on an FBI most wanted terrorist who was supposedly pro-environmental, meaning all pro-environmental folks are trunk killers and bombers.

Well, those who’ve killed abortion doctors or bombed abortion clinics are anti-choice, so per Rush’s take, all anti-choice, anti-abortion activists are killers and bombers.  All people who use guns to commit murders are gun users, thus all gun users per Rush are murderers.  Thanks Rush for clearing that up.

Knowing Truth Is His Enemy; A Lying Rush Never Quits ;

April 15, 2009

Now that Rush is charging a fairly substantial fee for his archives to prove the idiotic statements he makes are true – like Obama ordered the killing of black teenagers – he proved that he will bedevil Obama not matter what the man does.  He kills the pirates:  he’s killing teenagers; he doesn’t kill the pirates: he’s soft on pirates.  According to Rush, as long as Obama is in office, he has to be wrong.

Anything he does will be the wrong thing to do; anything Rush says is the right thing.   It must be great to be rich despite mental impairment- just ask O.J., Spector, Michael Jackson and Rush, and there will always be those who will chug-a-lug whatever drink he’s serving and ask for more…and in Rush’s case, pay for the privilege.

BTW, just for Rush’s information – as if he cared – the Homeland Security – sorry, the Democrat Homeland Security advisory about right wing terrorists possibly benefiting from Iraq-era military training was initiated in the Bush administration – you know, Rush – by your friend and not mine – George, which is something you revel in pinning on Obama, no matter how absurd the charge.  Enough people who hear a lie from a cretinous Rush-like organism will believe it in the face of any factoids also sent their way that prove it untrue…and Rush a liar, and a mean one too.

Rush’s Lying Comments About His Website

April 14, 2009

I just checked Rush’s website ( to verify his claim that a word for word transcript of each of his shows is posted.  Well, maybe it is, but it’s not easily found.  There’s a lot of self-serving crap there – typical of most websites.  Maybe it’s pay for transcripts or maybe one has to register, but whatever it is, his claim that no critic has pointed to this opportunity to quote him correctly is perhaps countered by the fact that such a thing doesn’t exist!  That Rush lied about this too!  Ain’t there, Rush.  If it is, show me.

The quote I was looking for was roughly “…the Democrat Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano…”  The what?  As I recall, a Republican named Bush began this DHS under Mr. Personality Tom Ridge and passed the Republican baton to Mr. Death Warmed Over, Michael Chertoff.  When did this Republican invention become the DDHS, or has Rush doubled his intake of Oxycontin?

Is he saying the Democrats have their own DHS or is he possibly referring to the federal department?  Does Rush similarly hallucinate a “Democrat FBI – Democrat CIA – Democrat State Department” ???  Take some time off to rest, possibly to a better drug rehab facility.  And while you’re doing that, clean up your website and post the transcript where it can be found and not hidden so those who want same have to hit unecessary links to build up your traffic count…and I’m not referring to drug trafficking, which Rush  knows all about.

Correction:  I just tried the site again…and found what I was looking for.  Archives are members only…so quit bragging about how it’s available to people who write about you if you require membership and a (“Monthly Memberships to Rush 24/7 – Only $6.95″) membership fee – as you well know many people would be aghast to join your site…no amount of scrubbing could remove that stain even if it were free.

fatherspartop0002imagefileThus Rush is bellyaching that those bloggers/jounrnalists/critics who do not point to official transcripts of his shows for quotes are not willing to make him seven bucks a month richer.

Rush…if you weren’t so grubbingly greedy, you might get a modicum of respect for making your archives available, but I’m afraid Senator Al Franken had it only partially right… (though Rush is completely right – as opposed to correct)…not only is Rush Limbaugh a big fat idot, he’s also a  big fat greedy idiot.

Rush Hates Joiners

March 31, 2009

In an extended diabtribe, Rush decided the smallest minority group is the individual.  Showing his contempt for those who would join to help boost environment concerns by driving fuel efficient vehicles and/or being part of a bigger movement because of social pressures, Rush’s rant ridiculed those who would join something actually bigger than a person’s own universe.

Fine.  Though the closest Rush ever came to a college campus was when he was out trying to make an Oxycontin connection, he should recall that such pressure begins in high school by kids who need to fit in, which they carry to college by hoping to get in the most prestigious univerisity (ala Geo Bush getting W. into Yale) or the best club (Bush into Skull & Bones), all of which exemplify succumbing to the social pressures Rush decries in the name of Ayn (which Rush mispronounces as Ann) Rand, the leading advocate for self-interest as a person’s greatest movtivation.