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Is It Iran or Iraq: Palin Hasn’t Figured It Out

November 19, 2009

Last night, I saw the entire Hannity does Palin interview on Fox News Channel.

Twice, when Sister Sarah was asked about Iran, she made references to Iraq, proving Hannity, who didn’t correct her either time, wasn’t listening and she’s either too stupid, lazy, doesn’t care or all or any of the above.

Sarah, try to remember.  Iran is Iran; Iraq is Iraq.  Different countries, though separated only by one letter, it’s an important distinction.

Good part.  Her book tour was way overshadowed this morning by the Chastity to Chaz Bono sex change tour of the morning talk shows.


Hannity’s Sanity = Shameless Shamity

May 18, 2009

sean_hannityOnly minutes after shamelessly plugging guest Dick Morris’s new book – I believe it’s called Dickhead – Hannity stumbled into a segment in which he tries to engender laughs by parodying the President’s words – in this case, his Notre Dame speech in which Obama had the audcacity to mention the Audacity Of Hope, which Hannity called shameless – he oughta know, which is exactly what he did with Morris’s latest opus.