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Tom Leykis and the Masticating Thespians

March 19, 2009

tom-leykis-1172Never cared for Tom Leykis, tho we have mutual friends and political agendi.

Not because of his 87 documented divorces, his overall hugeness or his “show me your racks” drivel (he ain’t looking at too many tits these days) weighing him down.  Anything that pisses off Gloria Allred is ducky with me.  I think I learned to despise him when I realized he despised his listeners.

Was he on KFI when he asked callers to react to the following…”yesterday in Hollywood, I passed by an outdoor restaurant where I saw two thespians masticating.  What would you have done if you had seen that?”

It worked.  Callers reacted according to plan, which proved…

1. Leykis believes his callers are fools.

2. Leykis is in love with his vocabulary and his ability to turn his callers into fools.

I post this because the name Tom Leykis draws more traffic than Rush and Obama combined, a scary thought unto itself.


Is Leykis Fatter N Rush?

February 26, 2009

abc-radio-networkIn view of Tom Leykis being silenced on accounta his eating his originating radio station, the delicious KLSX (97.1) and Rush’s bigger than big ratings, influence and overall body weight, the newly released study that concludes, “it doesn’t make any difference what diet you choose. Calories have always been the bottom line,”  said a man with MD attached to his name…does all that blah-blah mean Tom and Rush should watch their bottom line?

Not so sez the head of the Fairness About Taking All You Can Eat Association (FAT ASS), Rich Dressing, this is an effort by the so-called home kitchen lobby that advocates reckless garbagization.

“These defenders of the archaic home cooking industry throw away those fatty and bony parts that create the most attractive items in our chow lines.  We see our customers mulching down on what the average housewife and partnered-up kitchen cruiser normally slice away from their nicely marbelled pot roast.  Encouraging over garbagization feeds the very rodents in the landfills who visit our storage rooms for variety and that extra helping of sweets.”

Limbaugh, who was involved in lining up a dinner to honor the excessively light on his feet Bobby Jindal for his single-handedly dismantling of the Obama porkulous plan and blaming the Obama adminstration for the botched federal response to Hurricane Katrina while wishing America a “Happy Mardi Gras” could not be reached for seconds.mailgooglecom

Hoping Rush’s anchor station WABC in the Big Apple would take a bite out of the ratings instead breeched the Citadel company’s flanks and ended up in its bottom line meaning their wholly owned ABC (American BS Council)  Radio is now becoming the General Motors of the broadcasting industry, which might soon go belly up.

“This will give American something to chew on,” said the company’s CEO (Chief Eating Officer) Sid A. Dell, who said their menu is to “tighten up our vulnerable flanks that will put a stake in the hungry heart of liberals.  It’s like Bruce, some tend to idolize, or tenderize him if you will, and we can digest him too if he’s able to fatten our wallets.  In all cases , Rush hates lean times.”  And lean cuts two ways – in his mouth and out his flanks – normally incapable of wielding stakes.

Leykis Bellies Up On Fat Tuesday

February 24, 2009

As if to put the viewer in the mood for Asha Blake’s announcement on the KTLA Morning News that today is Fat Tuesday, Tom Leykis appeared in black and shades as the man who ate KLSX and had a delicious dessert.

Tom entertains standing up as others sit and sips copious amounts of wine.  Umm, must be refreshing after digesting an entire radio station, transmitter and all.  Does AM go wtih red, FM with white?  Only Tom knows for sure.Tom Leykis