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Rush to Mourn

November 6, 2009


Rush Limbaugh has a chance to critique our prexy today, but first must find an Obama connection, which may be hard to pull off…

If he could, it would go something like this – “With a nation in mourning, flags at half-staff all over Texas, military bases, the Capitol and even the White House – what possible excuse do the Yankees have to celebrate in the streets of New York while the rest of the nation mourns?”

(fill in connection between Obama and the Yankees here – if it were the White Sox, it would be a gimme).


Pissed Off Yet?

November 23, 2008

peeneckIf you’re not pissed off yet, come back soon.  Either that, or I’m not trying hard enough.  Either way, the only way to stop this is to take your hard drive and put it in the toilet, supply yellow water and let it sit for a few hours….it’ll work wonders.