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June 9, 2009

SkeezixBill O’Reilly of the Factor on Fox News won’t mention Keith Olbermann by name other than citing MSNBC as a ratings loser.  Olbermann on the other hand is way too anxious to name O’Reilly – but with cute and not-so-cute nicknames in a feud O’Reilly refuses to acknowledge, by name at least (see the start of this intermidable sentence).

In this approximate order, Olberman has come up with Bill-O and Orally.  Neither of these were completely effective and MSNBC probably had problems with the implications of Orally.

So now, Olbermann has taken to naming him Skeezix, a leading character in the Gasoline Alley (GA) comic strip.  Probably another interim name until he comes up with a good one and GA decides not to object, because they shouldn’t sue, and who would they sue, Keith or Fox News’ own Skeezix?